01 Dr. Yashvanth Bhupal Director Chairman
02 Prof. Prithviraj. Y.J Deputy Director Co-ordinator
03 Mr. P.Amareshayya Administrative Officer Member
04 Member/Members from the Dept HOD Member
05 Dr Yadavalli Basavaraj Principal Member

Functions of the Purchase Committee:

  • To get the necessary indents from the respective departments.
  • To get the approval of the indents from the purchase committee.
  • To get a minimum of two quotations from the approved vendors.
  • To analyze quotations provided by the vendor.
  • To ensure all documentation is accurately analyzed and completed.
  • To ensure that the supplies / services who had quoted comply with the Supplier Rating.
  • Seek clarification from suppliers / service providers where necessary, either orally / in writing without effecting the time frame.
  • To request technical input from HOD and relevant staff as required inviting to participate for the procurement related to their requirement.
  • In certain contexts, it may be appropriate for some or all members of the PC to be directly involved in the collection of quotations.
  • Ensuring proportionality, transparency, accountability and fairness in the procurement process.
  • Ensuring all relevant documentation is prepared prior to PC meeting.
  • Involvement in the evaluation discussion
  • Ensuring that the Quote Evaluation Form is completed accurately.
  • Ensuring all necessary procurement procedures are properly followed.
  • Ensuring samples are available for review, if required.
  • To finalize and issue the purchase order.



  • Chairman – To approve the final purchase and issue necessary purchase orders.
  • Co-ordinator – To shortlist the approved vendors, review of the quotations and submit the same to the chairman.
  • Member – To collect the indents from the departments, call for quotations and verify with respect to the budget.