Patents Granted / Published / Filed by the Faculty

SN Application Number Title Name of the Inventors Status
1. 2021105406 Computational Intelligence Based Estimating Robust Global Gradient Thresholds in Anisotropic Diffusion for Image Restoration Singh, Manoj Kumar; Bhat, Nagaraj and ERANNA, U. Granted 8 years from 12 August 2021 (Australia)
2. 2021102375 Design and Development of Support Less 3D Printing System Using FDM Technology Mr. Shivaramakrishna A, Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Mech. Engg.
Granted 8 years from 06/05/2021 (Australia)
1. 202141002350 An Ameliorated Methodology to abstract specification from the Use case. Dr. R.N. Kulkarni, HOD, Dept. of CSE, Mr. C.K. Srinivas, Mr. P. Paniram Prasad, Dr. B.M. Vidyavathi, HOD, Dept. of AIML, Dr. Suresh Y, Mr. Y.J. Prithviraj Bhupal Published


2. 202141026549 Intelligent Mechanical Robotic Weed Controller for Sugar Beet Production. Dr. Yadavalli Basavaraj, Principal, BITM, Mr. Pavan Kumar B K, Asst. Prof. Dept. of Mech. Engg. Published


3. 202141035789 Machine Learning & Image Processing based Smart Prediction of Human Emotion and Character. Dr. Jagadish RM, Asso. Prof., Dept. of CSE Published


4. 202141002336 Method Based On Constraint Prioritized Routing In Wireless MANETs Dr. V.C. Patil, Dr. U. Eranna, Dr. Sadyojatha K M, Dr. Naseeruddin, Mr. Shiva Kumar K.S., Mr. Manjunath G Published


1. 202141002352 Magnetostrictive Actuator with Coaxial Coils for Brake Actuation Mechanism Dr. Raghavendra Joshi, Dr. Yadavalli Basavaraj, Dr. U.M. Daivagna, Shiva Kumar S.Y, Mohammed Fayaz Filed
2. 202141002871 The Efficient Energy Control Strategies in Smart Meter System Dr. Abdul Khadar A, Dr. B.S. Khened, Mrs. Pushpa Latha Kumari, Mr. Mohammed Anwar Filed