Governing Body Members – 2018-19

SN Nominated Position in Governing Council Name of the Member Date of App. Extended upto
1 Chairman(Management Nominee) Dr. Yashvanth Bhupal, MS, Ph.D., MIE,Chairman & Director, BITM, Ballari 31.05.2008/15.02.2010 Feb. 2020
2 Member(Management Nominee) DR. S.J.V.MAHIPAL, MBBS,MD,No.35, 3rd Cross, Gandhinagar,Ballari – 583 103. 01.01.1998 Reappointed on 31.05.2008 Feb. 2020
3 Member(Management Nominee) Sri. S.B. Ashok Bhupal, BA Dhadesugur – Post, Sindhanur - Tq., Raichur-Dist. 01.01.1998 Reappointed on 31.05.2008 Feb. 2020
4 Member(Management Nominee) Prof. Prithviraj.Y.J, B.E., M.Tech.Dy. Director, BITM, Ballari 31.05.2008 Feb. 2020
5 Member(Management Nominee) Sri. N. Srinivasan, CA Chartered Accountant,132, 2nd Floor, Kantha Court,Lalbagh Road, Bangalore. 02.04.2005 Feb. 2020
6 Member(Management Nominee) Dr. V.J. Bharath, MBBS, MD No.35, 3rd Cross, Gandhinagar, Ballari. 23.12.2017 Feb. 2020
7 Member(Management Nominee) Mr. Amarraj Bhupal, LLM Bengaluru. 23.12.2017 Feb. 2020
8 Nominee of AICTE – Regional Office (Ex-Officio) Dr. Ramesh U The Regional Officer / Dy. Director & Member Secretary,All India Council for Technical Education, (SWRO), Bangalore. 05.02.2004 NA
9 An industrialist/ Technologist/ Educationalist from the Region to be nominated by the concerned Regional Committee as nominee of the Council, out of the panel approved by the Chairman of the Council. Prof. E.S. Rao, BE, DIIT, M.Tech.302, Sai Mansion,191/B, B.K. Guda Park, S.R. Nagar,Hyderabad – 500 038 25.06.2002 NA
10 Nominee of the Affiliating Body/ University/ State Board of Technical Education. Dr. Venkatesh Principal, Govt. Engg. College, Kushalnagar, Karnataka 571234 15.12.2017 30.11.2019
11 Nominee of State Government – Director of Technical Education/ Director of Medical Education/ Drugs Controller (Ex-Officio) Sri. H.U. Talawar,The Director of Technical Education Board, Govt. of Karnataka,Palace Road, Bangalore. 04.12.2003/31.01.2007 NA
12 An Industrialist Technologist/ Educationalist from the Region nominated by the State Government. Prof. A. Jayakara Hegde, B.E., M.Tech. D.No.2-112, Bantwady Post,Via Trasi – 576235. Senapur Village, Kundapur - Tq., Udupi Dist., 23.01.2003 NA
13 Faculty members nominated from the regular staff. Dr. G.P. Dinesh, BE, MBA, Ph.D.,Professor, BITM, Ballari 20.12.2014 Feb. 2020
14 Faculty members nominated from the regular staff. Dr. R.N.Kulkarni, BE, M.Tech., Ph.D.,Prof. & HOD, Dept. of CSE, BITM, Ballari 20.12.2014 Feb. 2020
15 Principal/ Director of the Concerned Technical Institution (as nominee of the Society/Trust). Member Secretary. Dr. V.C. Patil, BE, M.Tech., Ph.D.,Principal – Member Secretary,BITM, Ballari 20.12.2014 Feb. 2020

Broad Functions of GC

  • Members meet twice in a year in the month of June and December to provide strategic directions to the institution through approval, monitoring, and review.
  • To approve and sanction the Budgets.
  • To note the Audit Reports and Balance Sheets.
  • To note and approve the promotions, appointments, and resignations of the staff.
  • To approve the fee structure and the admission policy.
  • To review the results of the particular semester.
  • To review the academic activities.
  • To note and approve the major equipment purchased.
  • To discuss with respect to infrastructure such as; building progress, expenditure and its future developments.
  • Evolve proper set of rules and regulations including the service rules for all group of staff, salary norms, promotion norms etc.
  • To discuss any other matter related to the new initiatives, industry-institution interactions, grants received from the funding agency, etc.,


Major Responsibilities of the Governing Council

  • To uphold the legal stature of the college in view of AICTE, UGC, State Government and affiliating University (VTU) or any other body or agency.
  • To take decisions regarding the intake and addition or discontinuation of any program accordingly recommending the Principal to take formal steps with the affiliating body to put this into action.
  • Fix the fee structure and any charges applicable in accordance with the recommendation of the Budgeting Committee and prescribed fee structure of the affiliating university.
  • Extension, Renovation or Procurement plans recommended by Finance Committee.
  • Approve the budget and recommend necessary corrections.
  • Ensure proper management, maintenance, and custody of the institution in relation to land, infrastructure, equipment, and funds, including loans and grants received from AICTE, Central Government and Government of Karnataka.
  • To ensure good condition of the campus.
  • Instructions are imparted in accordance with norms and standards prescribed by Government of Karnataka and affiliating University.
  • To ensure approval of the appointment of staff by way of a selection committee of the institute in accordance with the norms prescribed by AICTE and Government of Karnataka.
  • To ensure implementation of the provision of acts, instructions, rules and regulations prescribed by AICTE and Government of Karnataka in matters of service conditions of staff relating to appointment, leave, Provident Fund, the age of retirement and disciplinary actions.
  • To ensure observance and compliance of instructions issued by AICTE, Government of Karnataka and affiliating University.
  • To submit reports and returns from time to time to AICTE, Government of Karnataka and affiliating University and any other statutory bodies.
  • Create a peaceful and favorable atmosphere for study free from ragging.


Powers and Functions of Chairperson of Governing Council

  • To conduct GC Meeting and to chair the same.
  • In the event of any decision is put into the vote and a situation arises, a tie among the members, the chairman will cast his vote and shall come into effect.
  • The Chairperson shall ensure that the decisions taken in Governing Council meeting are implemented by Member Secretary.
  • The Chairperson shall ensure that the Governing Council is functioning properly to meet the mission of the Institute.
  • The chairman shall be responsible for the smooth conducting of GC.

Powers and Functions of Member Secretary of Governing Council

  • Member Secretary of Governing Council of the Institute shall be the Principal, who executes the decisions taken in the Governing Council on behalf of the Governing Council.
  • Member Secretary shall arrange the Governing Council meeting in consultation with the chairman and circulates the meeting notice followed by agenda to members of the Governing Council.
  • Member Secretary creates action items after the governing council meeting and accordingly implement.
  • The minutes of the meetings are entered in the minute's book and a proper record is maintained including the attendance.


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