SLN Name of the Project Name of the Funding Agency Amount Sanctioned
(Rs. In Lakhs)
Year of Award Status
1 Flexible Manufacturing System
CIM & Automation LAB
49.75 2014-15 Completed
2 Studies on Magnetostrictive Actuator for Automotive Applications Vision Group on Science And Technology, Govt of Karanataka
20.00 2015-16 Completed
3 Incubation and Innovation Center Karnataka Innovation and Technology Society (KITS)
40.00 2018-19 On going
4 CIM & Automation LAB
12.62 2020-21 On going



Sl.No Name of the Project Lab/ Endowments, Chairs Name of the Principal Investigator/               Co-Investigator Name of the Funding Agency Dept. Year of Sanction Funds Provided (INR in lakhs)
1 Improving the throughput yield using Smart factory System- A special reference to Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) and Condition Monitoring Dr. Yadavalli Basavaraj Karnataka Council for Technological Up-gradation (KCTU)

 (A Joint Venture of Govt. of India and Govt. of Karnataka Organization)

Mechanical Engineering 2013-14 49.75
2 Magnetostrictive Disc Brake System Dr. Raghavendra Joshi Vision Group for Science & Technology (VGST), Government of Karnataka. Mechanical Engineering 2014-15  20.0