Dept. of Mathematics

SI. No Name of the Faculty Title of paper Publication citation National or International Impact factor
1. Dr.K.S.R.SRIDHAR Generalized plain coquette flow and heat transfer in a composite channel In.J. Applied Mechanics and Engineering Vol.14, No.2,   pp. 539-557,  2009. International ISSN: 1425-1655 0.5-1.5
Hartmann two fluid Poiseuille –Couette flow in   an in inclined channel, Transport Porous Media (2010) 85:157-169 DOI 10.1007/s 11242-010-9552-5 International ISSN:0169-3913 (Printed) ISSN:1573-1634 (Electro) 0.5-1.5
Flow and heat transfer of Poiseuille-Couette flow in an inclined channel for composite porous medium Int. J. Applied Mechanics and Engineering Published ISSN:1425-1655 0.5-1.5
2. Dr.N.GURURAJ Thermo-diffusion and radiation effects on mixed convective heat and mass transfer in a axially varying pipe National Journal of pure and applied physics Vol.20,No.4, PP.297-310 (2008) National ISBN  No 0974-8970 0.37-1.6
Transient mixed convective heat and mass transfer through a porous medium in a vertical channel with Soret and radiation effect National Journal of pure and applied physics Vol.21,No.1, PP.51-68 (2009) National 0974-8970 0.37-1.6
Radiation effect on mixed convective heat and mass transfer through a porous medium in a non-uniformly heated  vertical channel with thermo-Diffusion effect Global Journal of Applied Mathematics & Mathematical Sciences GJ.AMMS.VOL.3.NO.1-2, Jan-Dec 2010, PP. 125-138. National 0973-5518 0.37-1.6
Soret effect on MHD convective heat and mass transfer in a corrugated horizontal channel with radiation and heat generating sourses International Review of pure and Applied Mathematics, July-Dec-2010,Vol.6.NO.2.PP.189-205 International 0973-1350 0.37-1.6
Finite element analysis of Thermo-diffusion effect on convective heat and mass transfer through a porous medium in cylindrical circular ducts Int. J. Of  Appl.  Math  and  Mech. 7 (6): 80-101,2011 International 0973-0184 0.37-1.6
3. Dr.D.SHAIK MEERA Unsteady Flow and heat transfer of three immiscible fluids International journal of applied mechanics and engineering Vol.13,No.4,pp.1079-1100, 2008 International 1985-9325 0.5-1.6
Unsteady flow and heat transfer of porous media sandwiched between viscous fluids Journal of applied mathematics and mechanics Vol.31(12),1497-1516,2010 International 0253-4827(PRINTED) 1573-2754(ELECTRONIC) 0.5-1.6
4. Dr.PRALAHAD On Quaternion and functional spaces International Journal of  Ultra science physical science VOL.20.PP.285-287(2008) International ISSN: 0970-9150 0.4-1.5
On metric spaces International Journal  Mathematics student VOL.77.PP.161-166(2008) International ISSN: 0025-5742 0.4-1.5
Some results on Fuzzy Semi prime quasi ideals in algebraic topology ANDL, Vol.2(1) 2010-01-05 International ISSN:0030-5448 0.4-1.5
Locally compact spaces admitting to topological transitive maps JP journal of Geometry an Topology (2012), Accepted for publication, International 0.4-1.5
5. Mr. SYED MOHIUDDIN Free convection flow in a vertical channel filled with porous matrix for variable properties Elixir Applied  Mathematics,Vol.85,.PP. 34228-34238,2015 International 0.5-1.0
Combined effect of variable viscosity and thermal conductivity on free convection flow of a viscous fluid in a vertical channel International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow,Vol. 26(1),PP.18-39,2016 International 1.399
6. Dr.RAMARAO Y Free and forced convective flow in a vertical channel filled with composite porous medium using Robin boundary conditions American Journal of Applied Mathematics,Vol. 2(4),PP. 96-110,2014 International 1.18
Magneto-Convection of Immiscible Fluids in a Vertical Channel Using Robin Boundary Conditions Interanational Journal of Engineering Research and Applications,Vol. 4(9),PP. 114-138,2014 International 1.324
Mixed convection of electrically conducting and viscous fluid in a vertical channel using Robin boundary conditions Canadian Journal of physics,Vol. 93,PP. 698-710,2015 International 0.964
Mixed convective flow in a vertical channel filled with porous and fluid layer using boundary conditions of third kind Elixir Applied  Mathematics,Vol.83,PP. 32834-32845,2015 International 0.5-1.0

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