01 Dr. V.C. Patil Principal Chairman
02 Dr. Yadavalli Basavaraj VP / HOD-ME Co-ordinator
03 Dr. R.N. Kulkarni HOD-CSE Member
04 Dr. U.Eranna HOD-ECE Member
05 Dr. B.S. Khened HOD-EEE Member
06 Dr. Mahabaleswara H HOD-CIVIL Member
07 Dr. Suresh HOD-CHEMISTRY Member
08 Dr. K.S.R. Sridhar HOD-MATHS Member
09 Dr. T. Machappa HOD- Physics Member
10 Dr. Javed Kalburgi HOD-MBA Member
11 Proctors & DCP Teaching Staff Member


  • To conduct periodical meetings to address issues related to student academics.
  • To counsel and mentor the students for academic improvement, career advancement, and overall development.
  • To allocate proctors (mentors) to each student at the beginning of the academic year.
  • To interact with parents w.r.t. academically weaker section students.



  • Chairman – To conduct meetings and review the proctorship process and effective mentoring.
  • Co-ordinator – To organize meetings periodically and collect areas of concern from the members.
  • Members – To allocate proctors, to review proctoring process and interact with parents of students, who are academically weak.