Building Maintenance & Electrical Committee

01 Prof. Prithviraj. Y.J Deputy Director Chairman
02 Mr. Badrinath Deshpande Site Engineer Co-ordinator
03 Mr. Veeresh Electrical Supervisor Member

Building Maintenance & Electrical Maintenance Committee


  • To ensure the availability of electricity and water in the campus.
  • To have a procedure to maintain water and electric equipment.
  • To ensure timely availability of medical facilities and first aid kit.
  • To maintain academic buildings, hostels, guest house facilities, and the campus.
  • To ensure the safety of buildings through fire extinguishers, earthing pits, safety checks of potable water, etc.


  • Chairman – To give consent for procurement of necessary equipments / maintenance items and approval of necessary labours.
  • Co-ordinator – To carryout safety checks, cleanliness, medical facilities, availability of water in the campus.
  • Member - To ensure uninterrupted power supply, carryout electrical maintenance activity, maintenance of generator & UPS, earthpits, etc.