01 Dr. Yashvanth Bhupal Chairman Chairman
02 Prof. Prithviraj. Y.J Deputy Director Member
03 Dr U Eranna Dean-SAFA Member
04 Dr. Yadavalli Basavaraj Principal Member
05 Mr. P Amareshayya Administrative Officer Co-ordinator
06 Dr. V Ramanna HOD-ME Member
07 Dr. R.N. Kulkarni HOD-CSE Member
08 Dr. KM Sadyojatha HOD-ECE Member
09 Dr. B.S. Khened HOD-EEE Member
10 Dr. T.H Patel HOD-CIVIL Member
11 Dr. B.M Vidyavathi HOD-AIML Member
12 Dr. Suresh HOD-CHEMISTRY Member
13 Dr. K.S.R. Sridhar HOD-MATHS Member
14 Dr. T. Machappa HOD- Physics Member
15 Dr Christopher Raj HOD- MBA Member
16 Dr VC Patil Dean-R&D Member
17 Dr Raghavendra Joshi CoE Member




  • To forecast the revenue and expenditure based on the previous years budget utilization and audit balance sheet.
  • To help in preparation of budgets as per the requisition from the HODs.
  • To scrutinize the budget
  • To suggest any revisions in the submitted budget.
  • To approve the final budget.
  • To communicate the budget allocations to the respective departments.
  • To submit the final budget to the finance committee for the approval.
  • To evaluate the budget utilization after the financial year.



  • Chairman – To approve the budget and recommend any changes based on income and expenditure.
  • Co-ordinator – To review the previous year budget and audited balance sheet and accordingly prepare the draft budget. Based on the income, the revised budget is drafted for approval. To prepare the budget v/s expenditure statement after the financial year to evaluate the utilization.
  • Members – To submit the budget requisition of their department.
  • Principal – To table the budget in the governing council for the final approval.