01 Dr. V.C. Patil, Principal Chairman
02 Dr. Yadavalli Basavaraj VP / HOD-ME Member
03 Dr. R.N. Kulkarni HOD-CSE Member
04 Dr. U.Eranna HOD-ECE Member
05 Dr. B.S. Khened HOD-EEE Member
06 Dr. Mahabaleswara H HOD-CIVIL Member
07 Dr. Suresh HOD-CHEMISTRY Member
08 Dr. K.S.R. Sridhar HOD-MATHS Member
09 Dr. T. Machappa HOD- Physics Member
10 Dr Javed Kalburgi HOD-MBA Member
11 Prof. P. Phani Ram Prasad Asso. Prof. – CSE Co-ordinator


Functions of the Academic Council:

The Academic Council will have powers to:

  • To plan and prepare the academic calendar as per the VTU calendar of events.
  • To tabulate the results of the university and accordingly review the same.
  • To schedule the continuous internal examinations, tabulations of CIE results and evaluation.
  • Make regulations for sports, extra-curricular activities, and proper maintenance and functioning of the playgrounds and hostels.
  • Recommend to the Governing Body proposals for the institution of new programmes of study.
  • Recommend to the Governing Body institution of scholarships, studentships, fellowships, prizes, and medals, and to frame regulations for the award of the same.
  • Advise the Governing Body on suggestions(s) pertaining to academic affairs made by it.
  • Perform such other functions as may be assigned by the Governing Body.
  • To take online feedback from the students once in a semester.
  • To conduct parents faculty interaction once in a semester.
  • To communicate CIE Marks and Attendance to all the parents via SMS.


Responsibilities of the Academic Council:

  • Principal is the chairman of the academic council to finalize and approve the academic calendar, schedule of CIEs, recommend recommendation to the governing body.
  • Academic co-ordinator prepares the academic calendar based on the University calendar, allocates CIE duties to faculty, tabulates the semester end examination results, schedule the online feedback for all the students, submit the feedback reports to the academic council for review and further actions, to communicate CIE marks and attendance to parents.
  • Members comprising of HODs submit the CIE results to the academic council for the review, suggest and recommend best practices for academic improvement. To conduct parent faculty meeting at the convenience of the semester.