Ballari Institute of Technology & Management R&D Centres involves in identifying new research areas, developing projects leading to publications in National/International Journals and conferences & publications of Patents. Institution Established R&D department at the department level to promote Research & Innovation among the faculty & students. The centers helps in developing co-operative and complementary research among various Departments to explore advanced technologies. The R&D Cell holds periodical Review meetings on the progress of research being carried out for Ph.D. as well as of the funded projects. The Centres also guides in writing projects, scientific papers leading to publication as well as in identifying results of research for filing patents based on IPR Policy. Faculty members are sponsored by the institution to attend International & National Conferences in India & abroad. Faculty members pursuing Ph.D. are provided with a Ph.D. Contingency amount from the institution for smooth completion of their doctoral work. The institution supports faculty only for quality publication which is Scopus/Web of Science Indexed along with UGC well-known journals for the management program.

Since inception, the Institution has been provided with an excellent opportunity to introduce innovations in the curriculum through major & mini-projects. The integration of practical components in addition to the theoretical part of the course has enhanced the learning ability of the students.

Threading this path, the Institution foregrounded the concept of research amongst the students. A necessary environment is created for students to publish & present technical & management papers in various national/international & conferences. Institution & faculty have obtained considerable funding from Government agencies to set up R&D labs. The research labs are broad-based and not confined to a single area/discipline.