About Hostel's
Separate hostel for Boys and Girls are located in college campus under the name BGI Hostels. There are 3 blocks for boys namely Tunga, Bhadra, and Krishna. Kaveri Block is exclusively for Girls. The hostel is elegantly built with spacious rooms, Nearly 582 boys and 649 girls have opted for hostel.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Ragging is strictly prohibited.
  • Hostel students while going out of the hostel should take the permission of the warden and should come back within   00  PM.(For ladies its 6.30 pm)
  • Hostel students should always carry & display their ID cards.
  • Students should not take plates and glasses from the dining hall.
  • Students are requested to switch off the lights and fans when they go out.
  • Always keep the hostel and rooms clean.
  • Outside students are not allowed in the
  • Cooking food inside the Hostel rooms and using heating coils / electric stoves is strictly prohibited.
  • The students are responsible for their belongings.
  • Students are not allowed to stay in the Hostel while their class work is going on without any proper reason, a student continuously observed like that will be suspended from the Hostel.
  • Posters of any type should not be pasted in the room.
  • Student should not carry out side food into the Hostel.
  • Students should not carry costly mobiles and they don’t need any Laptops, Motor bikes.
  • Students should not play any loud music with loud sound in the rooms.
  • Smoking , Consuming Alcohol and Gutka are strictly prohibited in the Hostel.
  • Biometric attendance is compulsory.
  • Any student going out of station should give  leave letter to wardens and also to the mess
  • Every month within 5th day student should check and sign the mess bill.
  • Any damage to the college property such as chairs, tables, cots, electrical fittings & splashing  colors  on the walls will result in rustication from the   hostel & recovery of the damaged goods.
  • Based on the performance of the students, week students will have to attend supervised study hours from 5 Pm to 7 PM.
  • Students are responsible for their own belongings.


  • 24 hrs water facility
  • Hot water through solar heating
  • 24 hrs power back up
  • RO purified water
  • Secured wi-fi facility
  • Separate gym for boys and girls
  • 24 hrs ambulance facility
  • Medical officer is available in the Dispensary  during  day time
  • All the hostels are under CCTV surveillance
  • Wardens are available 24 hrs
  • Security Service
  • Sports & Recreation facility
  • Separate Mess facility at both boys and girls hostel
  • ATM facility
  • Celebration of various festivals

Ladies  Hostel Details:-

  • CO – ORDINATOR               :- Prof . ARADHANA(9986666094)
  • HOSTEL INCHARGE           :-  Mr.SURESH(7204168426)
  • Hostel Phone Number         :-  9900095632
  • Ambulance Driver Number :-  9686035395


Name of the Warden Designation
Mrs. Nagaveni Warden
Mrs. Rangamma Asst. Warden
Ms. Mary Sneha Asst. Warden
Ms. K.A. Leelavathi Asst. Warden

Gents  Hostel Details:-

  • CO – ORDINATOR         :-  Dr . K . S . R . SRIDHAR (9741153239)
  • Hostel Phone Numbers :-     9900559316 , 9482539125
Mr. RAJSHEKAR.B 9481176121
Mr. SHASHIDHAR.M 8147427609
Mr. VEDAMURTHY 9035929587
Mr. VAGISH 9742162414

Hostel Committee

01 Prof. Prithviraj Y J Deputy Director Chairman
02 Dr. K.S.R. Sridhar HoD Maths Co-ordinator
03 Dr. Aradhana D Prof. – CSE Co-ordinator
04 Mr. Badrinath Deshpande Site Engineer Member
05 Mr. Veeresh Electrical Supervisor Member
06 Mr. Rajasekhar B Hostel Warden (Gents) Member
07 Mr. Veda Murthy Hostel Warden (Gents) Member
08 Mr. Sripad Raj Hostel Warden (Gents) Member
09 Mrs. K. Rangamma Hostel Warden (Ladies) Member
10 Mrs. M. Nagamani Hostel Warden (Ladies) Member
11 Mrs. K. Nagamani Hostel Warden (Ladies) Member
12 Mrs. Radha Hostel Warden (Ladies) Member
13 Mrs. Omkari Hostel Warden (Ladies) Member


  • To provide good accommodation and hygienic food to the students and staff opting the hostel facilities.
  • To ensure all the dues are settled before leaving the campus during vacations, semester brakes, and year-end.
  • To ensure the premises are maintained clean, neat and hygienic.
  • To maintain a complaint book and action is taken is maintained in the complaint register.
  • To conduct regular meetings of the warden with the deputy director and principal for any of the hostel grievances.
  • To maintain the attendance of the hostel students.
  • To ensure safety, medical first-aid-box, the ambulance is maintained.
  • To maintain the allocation of students room-wise.
  • To provide ragging free and disciplined environment for the students.



  • Chairman – To ensure all the necessary infrastructure facilities for a safe and secure hostel.
  • Co-ordinator – To conduct regular meetings of the boys / girls hostel students. TO address any grievances of the hostel students. To address any kind of indiscipline’s in the hostel.
  • Members – To maintain hostel cleanliness, quality of food and water, regular electricity supply, room allotments. To address student complaints w.r.t. infrastructure, safety, security, to check attendance of the students, address any medical emergencies, if any. To maintain parents/ visitors book.

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