01 Prof. Renuka Sagar Asst. Prof. Co-ordinator
02 Mr. Shreyas Antin Student Chair
03 Mr. Harshith Saluja Student Editor
04 Mr. Gururaj Student Head – Data Collection
05 Mr. Uma Maheswara Student Event Organizer
06 Ms. Ankita Student Recruitment Drive
07 Ms. Harika Student Recruitment Drive
08 Mr. Pranay Student Magazine Draft
09 Mr. Sanjeev Student Creative Design
10 Mr. Sai Bharath Student Web Design / Photography
11 Ms. Kavya Student Publicity
12 Mr. Shailesh Tripati Student Finance


  • To conduct meetings in order to organize different events.
  • To collect the data in different departments i.e., student & staff achievement.
  • To prepare the proposed plan for every event to be conducted under Bhoomika Magazine.
  • To conduct events for students and staff.
  • To propagate more number of articles from staff and students.



  • Co-ordinator – To conduct meetings with the committee, review the final draft of the magazine, to present a budget proposal to the management.
  • Chair – To conduct meeting with all the student members, initiates events to be conducted under Bhoomika.
  • Editor – To review and draft the magazine.
  • Head – Data Collection – Collects data from different departments.
  • Event Organizer – To prepare the proposal to conduct the event and organize the event with team members.
  • Recruitment Drive – To identify students from all the departments to actively participating in Bhoomika events.
  • Magazine Draft – Creates a draft copy of the magazine.
  • Creative Design – This team will create the design for Magazine.
  • Photography – This team collects and captures photographs of different events organized at the college/departments.
  • Publicity – This team gives wide publicity and circulated magazine.
  • Finance – To prepare the budget and submits to the coordinator.