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Dr. Machappa.T

Prof. & HOD

Department of Physics

It is a distinct honour for me to serve as Head of the Physics Department. Department is active since its inception in 1997. It is my pride and privilege to have a highly qualified and experienced faculty in our department. Department also provide the research and development facilities for the faculty and the outside world. We handle common subjects at the first year level of under graduate engineering programmes. Main aim of the Department is to teach the basic knowledge of science and engineering and thus providing the strong foundation for the rest of their undergraduate programmes. Academic activities in the department emphasizes on deep understanding of fundamental concepts of basic science and develop a creative ability to handle the challenges in their engineering courses. The teaching and learning process involves classroom lectures, laboratory demonstrations, laboratory performances use of models and charts, expert lectures from external guests.


To inculcate right value & scientific nature amongst the students and ensure they become the right partners of the progress.


It aims to provide quality education to the students by imparting basic theoritical and practical knowledge in the field of engineering physics.

Unique features of the department:

  • Engineering Physics laboratory is well equipped with latest equipment and computational facilities.
  • We teach and practice the design based experiments other than prescribed by the university.
  • Department regularly arranges invited lectures from eminent professors and scientists to motivate the students.
  • Department faculty actively participate in outreach activities conducted by the outside world.
  • Faculty members have published books, articles in the prominent newspapers and magazines in fulfilling the aims and objectives of the department.
Name of the Staff Qualification Designation Experience
Dr. Vijayakumar B B.Sc, M.Sc., Ph.D Prof. 19
Dr. Machappa.T B.Sc, M.Sc., Ph.D Prof. & HOD 29
Mrs. Shruthi K M B.Sc, M.Sc. Asst. Prof. 3
Mr. Sunil Kumar A B.Sc, M.Sc. Asst. Prof. 3
Mr. Raghavendra B B.Sc, M.Sc. Asst. Prof. 1
Mr. Abdul Hafeez M B.Sc, M.Sc. Asst. Prof. 1
Ms. Tejashwini A I B.Sc, M.Sc. Asst. Prof. 0
Mrs. Maheshwari V.J B.Com, LL.B, LL.M Asst. Prof. 11
Mr. Raghavendra Rao D B.Com, MBA Asst. Prof. 0
Mr. Laxmikanth Kulkarni Asst. Prof.
SN Name of the Laboratory Carpet area (Sq.Mt) Lab / Major Equipments
1 Engg Physics Lab 230.26 "He-Ne Laser, Photodiode, Black Box, Y-By bending, Diffraction grating, Newton's rings, torsion pendulum, dc-conductivity measurement, Astronomical telescope ,Ballistic galvanometer, Bi prism assembly & Bi-prism, CRO, Function generator
2 Work Shop Practice Lab 250.92 Arc Welding Machine, Spot Welding, TIG Welding, Table Drilling Machine, Bench Grinding, Power Hack Saw, Vernier Height Gauge.

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