01 Dr. V.C. Patil Principal Chairman
02 Dr. Yadavalli Basavaraj VP / HOD-ME Co-ordinator
03 Dr B.S Khened HOD-EEE Co-ordinator
04 Prof. Prithviraj. Y.J Deputy Director Member


  • To create awareness of on outcome-based education to the faculty and the students.
  • To train the department heads on the preparation of SAR.
  • To review and prepare the SAR during the course of accreditation.
  • To add and adopt best practices as and when stipulated by the NBA.
  • To attend NBA workshops as organized by the authorities.



  • Chairman – To oversee implementation of OBE process and regular SAR preparation. To attend NBA leadership workshops.
  • Co-ordinator – To attend and train workshops with respect to OBE.
  • Member – To actionize NBA OBE process across the organization and facilitate necessary infrastructure and augmentation of the facility for effective implementation of OBE.