01 Prof. Prithviraj Y J Deputy Director Chairman
02 Dr. K.S.R. Sridhar HoD Maths Co-ordinator
03 Dr. Aradhana D Prof. – CSE Co-ordinator
04 Mr. Badrinath Deshpande Site Engineer Member
05 Mr. Veeresh Electrical Supervisor Member
06 Mr. Rajasekhar B Hostel Warden (Gents) Member
07 Mr. Veda Murthy Hostel Warden (Gents) Member
08 Mr. Sripad Raj Hostel Warden (Gents) Member
09 Mrs. K. Rangamma Hostel Warden (Ladies) Member
10 Mrs. M. Nagamani Hostel Warden (Ladies) Member
11 Mrs. K. Nagamani Hostel Warden (Ladies) Member
12 Mrs. Radha Hostel Warden (Ladies) Member
13 Mrs. Omkari Hostel Warden (Ladies) Member


  • To provide good accommodation and hygienic food to the students and staff opting the hostel facilities.
  • To ensure all the dues are settled before leaving the campus during vacations, semester brakes, and year-end.
  • To ensure the premises are maintained clean, neat and hygienic.
  • To maintain a complaint book and action is taken is maintained in the complaint register.
  • To conduct regular meetings of the warden with the deputy director and principal for any of the hostel grievances.
  • To maintain the attendance of the hostel students.
  • To ensure safety, medical first-aid-box, the ambulance is maintained.
  • To maintain the allocation of students room-wise.
  • To provide ragging free and disciplined environment for the students.



  • Chairman – To ensure all the necessary infrastructure facilities for a safe and secure hostel.
  • Co-ordinator – To conduct regular meetings of the boys/girls hostel students. TO address any grievances of the hostel students. To address any kind of indiscipline in the hostel.
  • Members – To maintain hostel cleanliness, quality of food and water, regular electricity supply, room allotments. To address student complaints w.r.t. infrastructure, safety, security, to check attendance of the students, address any medical emergencies, if any. To maintain parents/ visitors book.